Cultura Club



Do you believe introducing children to world cultures is important?

Do you speak Spanish, French, Swahili, or other foreign language?

If you do, then the Cultura Club is for you!


The Cultura Club is an innovative project of Hopkins House designed to introduce young children to world cultures and languages, as part of their early preparation for achievement in the 21st century global economy.

The Club is comprised of individuals who speak English and a second language. They read and sing weekly in the second language to the "young scholars", ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, enrolled in the Hopkins House Preschool Academy. 

Club members volunteer for 30 minutes each week, at a time mutually agreed upon by both the teacher and the Club member. They visit the same classroom of children for an entire school year, which allows for Club members to develop a relationship with each child and for the children to associate a special person with the enjoyment of foreign languages and cultures.

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Counting  Pizza
Colorful Counting Playdough Empanadas


All new Club members receive a 90-minute training session.

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