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Classroom Programs

Hopkins House values the interactions children have with their educators and maintains student-to-teacher ratios that are appropriate for each age group:

Child to Educator Classroom Ratio
Group # Children/Educator
Infants 4/1
Toddlers 5/1
Preschoolers 8/1
Jr. KPrep & K-Prep 10/1

Infant Center

Ages 6 weeks to 16 months
At Hopkins House, our Infant Center teachers have many important responsibilities. They:
  • Nurture;
  • Care for;
  • Support; and
  • Maintain a safe environment for your child.

All our Infant Center teachers have an early childhood education background as well as many years of professional child care experience in order to be the kind of caregivers you expect and we demand. Our highly educated staff will build a bond of trust with your baby and with you.

preschoolYour child’s feeding, sleeping and diaper changes will always be met, according to his/her routine. A daily communication report will be filled out on the different activities your child is engaged in throughout the day. The infant teachers will work to create and maintain an academic environment that stimulates and challenges your baby by singing, talking, holding, and playing with him/her.

As your child transitions to our older infant room the children will be in a more structured environment as they will nap, eat, and sleep at the same time as well as be introduced to coloring, painting, gluing and creating their own artwork. The Infant Center is filled with age appropriate toys, games and materials such as rattles, soft animals, musical toys, soft photo books, large climbing mats, picture card sets and stacking blocks. At Hopkins House we are here to serve your family's needs, and to help you determine the strength and weaknesses your child demonstrates in developmentally appropriate growth.

Toddler Classroom

Ages 17 months to 2.5 years

The Toddler Classroom at Hopkins House is the perfect balance of learning and fun for children. This classroom helps develop their social, emotional, self-help, communication and physical development skills for the future.

girl_with_blocksThe toddler classroom is structured throughout the day so the teachers can engage the children in many small group activities. Some activities include:

  • Circle time
  • Arts and crafts
  • Story time
  • Dramatic play
  • Singing songs
  • Sensory activities
  • Painting
  • Music and movement
  • Coloring, pasting, making collages
  • Going outside

Throughout the day teachers use proper terminology for items to encourage the children to use his/her words. This enhances the toddler’s vocabulary for better communication with their classmates as well as their families. Colors, textures, numbers, and letters are some of the educational concepts that are implemented within the toddlers’ lesson plans. Teachers assess each child’s developing skills, and then provide activities designed to enhance those skills so that the children come to master them.

As children become more independent within the classroom we begin to introduce family-styled dining to the children so that they can learn to serve themselves as well being able to eat on their own. Other areas they work on in this classroom are achieving concentration, coordination, independence, cooperation and a sense of order. This helps them be able to transition to the preschool room as they start exceeding the expectations within the classroom.

Preschool Classroom

Ages 2.5 years to 3 years

Boy_with_numbersThe Hopkins House Preschool Classroom is an important time for your child, to start learning basic skills that they will need for our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Preparatory classrooms. Some of the basic skills include: math concepts, language arts, cognitive skills, and fine/gross motor skills within a nurturing environment designed just for them. The preschool teachers implement daily concepts such as:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Size order
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Patterns

Junior and Kindergarten Preparatory Classrooms

Ages 3 to 5 years

In our Kindergarten Preparatory (K-Prep) Classrooms we prepare our children both academically and socially for Kindergarten. They are challenged to think critically and to be free to explore, discover and interact with the world around them. Children must engage in such higher-order thinking tasks as analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Group_with_teacherOur teachers hold degrees in the field of Early Childhood Education and are highly skilled and trained to effectively deliver a quality program that promotes and develops:

  • Cognitive;
  • Social;
  • Emotional; and
  • Physical skills and abilities.

Teachers write lesson plans that coordinate with the monthly themes and provide materials that challenge every student’s developmental ability.

There are many designated areas within the Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Preparatory classrooms that keep the children active and engaged throughout their day. Some of these areas include mathematics/science, quiet/reading, art, manipulative, blocks, computer and music. All activities throughout the day are designed to initiate the children’s independence and give them a sense of ownership in the classroom.

Our K-Prep classrooms are also designed to familiarize your child with the types of schedules and routines they will find when they go to Kindergarten the following year. By providing whole class instruction, small group interaction, and peer interaction your child will begin his/her journey into his/her early childhood education.