Student Testimonials About The


"I really like ECLI because it’s a good program with a flexible class schedule, low teacher-student ratio, available childcare, and a very helpful coordinator.  As a hard working Mom, the way that ECLI is set up gave me the opportunity to go back to school.  My early childhood certification will help me find a better job, increase my salary and support my family. I really appreciate ECLI." -Odalys, ECLI Student

"I like that the ECLI classes are on weekends and at a convenient location.  Also, there is always good communication from the staff.  Lastly, my daughter is cared for at the time that I am in school and that is a great help financially." -Dorothy, ECLI Student

"ECLI, for me, means an opportunity to study Early Childhood Education in a high-quality program that offers convenient services, good schedules, and assistance with supplies.  Without a doubt, attending the Early Childhood Learning Institute has enhanced my life.   The staff is extremely friendly and always available to help, support and meet student needs, which makes ECLI a fabulous partner for anybody who wants to get a degree in ECE.  In particular, my experience with ECLI has been extremely pleasing because I am learning and at the same time able to practice what I am learning, because I can work during the day and take classes during the evenings or weekends.  Also, an important aspect of ECLI is the financial help that I receive.  Grants help me and others to pursue our career interests in this field.  Attending ECLI means getting an excellent level of education, incomparable services and benefits, and encouraging support from qualified staff." -Andrea, ECLI student

"ECLI is the best program that I know because they not only help us learn about the professional credential for early childhood, but they also help find scholarships and provide childcare.  ECLI enables me to continue my education." -Gricelda, ECLI Student

"What I like best about attending the Early Childhood Learning Institute is the convenient class schedule and availability of childcare!  Working around my work schedule and providing childcare for my daughter has been a true blessing.  I really like how the instructors works one-on-one with each student.  That has helped me so much!" - Jennifer, ECLI Student

"The Early Childhood Learning Institute has already helped me reach one goal of working in an ECE program and it is continuing to help me reach other goals." - Sandra, ECLI Student

"I’m in the process of preparing myself to work in child care, but the classes that I take are helping me raise my own children the right way now.  The people who work at ECLI are very helpful.  This program is the key that will open my career opportunities in the future."  - Fatiha, ECLI Student