Childcare Center Partnerships

3_ladiesWe are reaching out to program leaders, of high quality childcare centers in the Northern Virginia area, with an exciting opportunity. We know that finding highly skilled, highly qualified early education instructors can be difficult, especially in the DC metropolitan area, and the Early Childhood Learning Institute was created to address this issue. Our students receive 31 Early Childhood Development credits from Northern Virginia Community College, as well as their Child Development Associate (CDA) credential while enrolled in the ECLI program.

The purpose of the program is to create a pool of highly qualified early education instructors who, once they have successfully completed the program, will find full-time employment at a childcare center in the Northern Virginia area. To help us meet our goals, we are enlisting the participation of program leaders in the Alexandria, Fairfax County, and Arlington areas to become partners of ECLI. The ECLI Childcare Center Partnership Agreement would act as a mutually beneficial agreement between both Hopkins House and other childcare centers.

The Childcare Center Partner would guarantee consideration for a full-time position for at least one ECLI graduate with a starting salary of $25,000 - $30,000 plus benefits. In exchange, the Childcare Center Partner would have access to all of the benefits of the ECLI program including:

  • Free CDA courses for your current and future staff *
  • Drastically subsidized and highly affordable Early Childhood Development classes and training from Northern Virginia Community College (students pay onlya $50 registration fee per semester),
  • Access to Hopkins House’s extensive and exclusive substitute list.

This substitute list is comprised of over 50 names (and growing) of qualified individuals who are available on various days and times throughout the week to cover shifts in the event that you should need a substitute for your regular staff. Additionally, when the Childcare Center Partner has special events, or functions that require additional staff, the substitute list is an invaluable tool for filling those additional spots.

*ECLI’s 4-month CDA courses provided to your current and future staff are a tremendous savings.  CDA training outside of Hopkins House’s ECLI program can cost up to $1,300.00 for the course and materials, and an additional $20 for each CDA application packet. The ECLI charges only $50 each semester for our services.

Contact the ECLI Director to find out more about becoming a Childcare Center Partner.

Partnering with ECLI is EASY. Find out more.

Partnership Responsibilities, Commitments and Benefits:

  • Inform colleagues about program to aid in recruitment of students for program
  • Assist their employees, who are in the program, with completing required paperwork (financial aid applications, enrollment applications)
  • Serve as an Advisor for CDA Observational Tool (or assist in finding qualified Advisor) for your staff enrolled in ECLI
  • Assist in hosting ECLI Job Fair to be held in 2011; first chance to interview and hire well-qualified ECLI students who have successfully finished the program
  • Guarantee a salary of $25,000 or more, plus benefits, for your employees who successfully complete the program and for those you may hire from the program
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