ECLI College Fellowships

Hopkins House is committed to ensuring that all students enrolled in its Early Childhood Learning Institute have  the financial resources needed to complete their college degree and embark on a meaningful career in the early care and education field. To this important end, the Hopkins House trustees have established the ECLI College Fellowship program.  
The purpose of the ECLI College Fellowship program is to help low-resourced ECLI students pay the indirect costs (e.g. transportation, school supplies, internet access fees) of obtaining a college degree.  Fellowships are awarded three times yearly to currently enrolled ECLI students, through a competitive application process.
Through the generosity of charitable sponsors, Hopkins House is able to provide ECLI College Fellows with up to $1,250 in funds which may be used for fees, transportation, or purchase of items directly related to their pursuit of a college education through the ECLI.  These funds may not be used for the purchase of college textbooks, payment of college tuition, or other costs already covered by the ECLI.
The following institutions of faith, companies, foundations, and individuals have contributed funding for Fellowships to low-resourced students enrolled in Hopkins House's Early Childhood Learning Institute: 


Meltzer Group Employee Giving Fund
2 Fellowships
Mars Foundation
4 Fellowships

Ivakota Association
2 Fellowships
Good Shepherd Catholic Church
2 Fellowships

Click here to learn more about Fellowship sponsorship opportunities. 

Next Application Deadline

Your Application must be submitted online, including attachments, by 5 pm on or before:

October 15

(for winter semester)

March 15

(for summer semester)

June 15

(for fall semester)

Late Applications will not be accepted.
To Apply for a ECLI College Fellowship,
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