Scholarships & Tuition Assistance

Hopkins House is committed to ensuring that all children have access to its Preschool Academy, regardless of their family's income.  Hopkins House seeks a student body that represents varied economic and social backgrounds. To this important end, we have established the Children's Scholarship Fund.  
The purpose of this scholarship program is to help fill the gap between the actual cost of tuition at the Hopkins House Preschool Academy and what a family can realistically pay toward this cost.  
Through the generosity of generous donors, Hopkins House offers need-based tuition assistance to low-resourced, working parents.  The offer of this assistance is guided by our belief that the parents of our Preschool Academy Young Scholars have an obligation to pay the educational expenses of their children to the extent of their financial capacity. 
The following institutions of faith, companies, foundations, and individuals have contributed funding for scholarships named in their honor or their designee: 


Alfred Street Baptist Church
Jim Dresser & Mary Jane Maddox
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.
(MTSI) Scholarship
Suntrust Bank
Willard & Darhyl Jasper
Robert S. Rixse
Memorial Scholarship
William M. Willis
Joseph F. Belle Isle
Memorial Scholarship

Click here to learn more about scholarship naming opportunities. 


Other Sources of Tuition Assistance

For information about tuition assistance for military personnel and civilian defense employees and other sources of aid, click here: Tuition Assistance


Hopkins House Scholarship Program and Application

While an excellent investment in your child's future, we recognize that a Hopkins House Preschool Academy education is a substantial expense well beyond the reach of many parents. There is no preset income level that qualifies a family for a scholarship. We encourage parents to complete the scholarship application process if they feel that the Preschool Academy is more than they can afford.

To see video about the Hopkins House Children's Scholarship Fund

Take these three easy steps to learn more about and to apply for a scholarship for your Hopkins House Preschool Academy Young Scholar:

STEP #1:
Check these Resources

STEP #2:
Understand the Rules
STEP #3:
Apply for Assistance
Family Budgeting Resources Scholarship Rules & Procedures Applying for a Scholarship
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