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Parents Council

Hopkins House prides itself on actively engaging parents in the daily activities of the school. The Parents Council is designed as an open forum for parents to bring their ideas and input to the administration, including, but not limited to: fundraising, volunteering, and school operation.
Parents Council Executive Committee: Selected by our parents, the executive parent council, consisting of Council President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and a representative from each classroom, meets to discuss, academy operation, policy, general classroom issues or concerns, and fundraising. Elections are held each year and are open to all parents.
Helen Day Academy Parents Council Executive Committee for this School Year:
  • President – ALLEN IRWIN
  • Vice President – KIRIMI FULLER
  • Secretary – SARAH AHN
  • Treasurer – SUSAN CHRISTOFF
  • Infant 1 Classroom Representative – KATIE VAN DAM
  • Infant 2 Classroom Representative – (Currently Vacant)
  • Toddler Classroom Representative – (Currently Vacant)
  • Preschool Classroom Representative – (Currently Vacant)
  • Junior KPrep/KPrep Classroom Representative – (Currently Vacant)
Contact the Helen Day Academy Parents Council at:
Innovative Aademy Parents Council Executive Committee for this School Year:
  • President JANI WILSON
  • Vice President – LISA MICHAEL
  • Secretary – LISA MIFFLIN
  • Treasurer – SELWA REPH
  • Infant Classroom Representative – AJLA ELIAN
  • Toddler Classroom Representative – EMILY ANDERSON
  • Preschool Classroom Representative – MELINDA GODEC
  • Junior KPrep Classroom Representative – MEREDITH CLEMENT
  • KPrep Classroom Representative – DILMA ANAYA
Contact the Innovative Academy Parents Council at:
McNeil Academy Parents Council Executive Committee for this School Year:
  • President – JACOB PADILLA
  • Vice President – MARGIE PADILLA
  • Secretary JACKIE STOKES 
  • Treasurer – ALEX UKAOMA
  • Infant Classroom Representative – STEPHANIE HOLMAN 
  • Toddler Classroom Representative – VIVIAN ADDO
  • Preschool Classroom Representative - STEPHANIE HOLMAN
  • Junior KPrep Classroom Representative – TOMEKA NICHOLAS
  • KPrep Classroom Representative – SAHAR HAGHIGHAT
Contact the McNeil Academy Parents Council at:

Fundraisers: Fundraisers are held throughout the year and all proceeds go to the Parents Council. These funds are used to purchase items for the classrooms, pay for field trips or puppet shows, underwrite the cost of graduations, or various additional items for the center at large.
Volunteering: The Hopkins House Preschool Academy has an open door policy and encourages parents to take an active role in the education of their children. Parents are welcome to come and read stories, serve as chaperones on field trips, participate in fundraising efforts, or just to drop by.