Welcome to the Hopkins House Continuous Improvement Commitment page. The opinions of our students, their parents, and our staff and volunteers are a key component of our commitment to continuous improvement in our services. 

This page contains information and links to various surveys conducted by Hopkins House throughout the year.  By sharing this information with you and the public, we aim to be transparent in our work and accountable for achieving results.



Annual Preschool Academy Parent Satisfaction Survey

Hopkins House is committed to continuously improving the quality of its preschool academy services. One of the ways we seek to achieve this goal is by collecting and assessing, through this annual survey, the views of the parents of the Young Scholars enrolled in our preschool academies. 
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 Survey Response
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Parent Satisfaction January 2019
Parent Satisfaction January 2018
Parent Satisfaction January 2017
Parent Satisfaction
January 2016
Child Behavior Change
May 2015
Parent Satisfaction January 2015
 Parent Satisfaction
January 2014
 Consolidated Survey
 Parent Satisfaction
January 2013

 Consolidated Survey

 Parent Satisfaction
January 2012

 Consolidated Survey




Early Childhood Learning Institute (ECLI) Impact Survey
~ Surveys Conducted Periodically ~
Through this survey of ECLI students, Hopkins House seeks to determine the direct impact of the Early Childhood Learning Institute on its students and the indirect impact on the community at-large.