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IRS Form 990: Fiscal 2022

Today, Hopkins House released its annual tax filing with the IRS. The filing — required of all tax-exempt nonprofits — contains details about the organization’s income, receipts, disbursements, and other information.

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Hopkins House Parents and Educators Travel.

Today, Hopkins House Preschool Academy parents and educators traveled to Richmond, Virginia, to push for sustained and increased investment of state funds in affordable..
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College Students of the Month

The Hopkins House Trustees announced the selection of Emely Benitez and Darling Espinoza as their ECLI September and October "ECLI Student of the Month",..
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Hopkins House Testifies Before U.S. Senate.

At the end of September, federal emergency pandemic funding for childcare providers ended. During the pandemic, childcare providers were hit hard as parents hunkered..
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