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Flu Season is Coming and it's Time to Step Up Your Protection

October 17, 2020 11:23 AM


With the approach of winter, we are entering the season for flu and seasonal allergies. This year COVID-19, which has symptoms similar to the flu, is adding to the mix of wintery threats to good health. The time is now to step up your protection.

At Hopkins House, keeping you, your child, and your family safe and healthy is a top priority. Therefore, we urge you to educate yourself, follow the advice and guidance of health experts, and religiously practice health and safety protocols.

Please take these important steps NOW to help reduce the threat of illness for you and your loved ones:


(1) Learn more about the similarities and differences between influenza and COVID-19 by clicking here:


(2) Ensure that your child is up-to-date on immunizations by clicking here for  the recommended immunization schedule:


(3) Consider getting a flu shot for you, your child and loved ones now rather than later. Flu shots are available through your physician or at your local pharmacist or health department. While a flu shot may not prevent the flu, it can help reduce the severity and length of the illness. Click here to read about more reasons to get a flu shot today:


(3) Remain stubbornly vigilant in following COVID-19 infection risk mitigation guidelines, especially wearing a face covering, frequent handwashing, and social distancing.

Particularly important during this pandemic, is to  avoid gatherings of people. Sequestered for months in our homes, we may long for a return to traditional family gatherings. But, the threat is still present and we must resist the urge. Unwittingly exposing yourself and/or your loved ones to COVID-19 during family gatherings -- no matter the size -- is a real and serious threat. Breaking with a family tradition this year may help to ensure that the tradition remains a happy one. Click here for ways to navigate holiday family gatherings during this pandemic:



(4) Consider Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating, which is considered a high-risk activity for exposure to COVID-19 and influenza, by clicking here for ideas:


(5) Reacquaint yourself with Hopkins House Preschool Academy policies on Immunization (Section 7; page 5) and Emergency Care and Sick Child (Section 24; Page 14) found in the Preschool Academy Handbook