The 1939 Society


Established by the Trustees on the occasion of Hopkins House's 75th anniversary and in honor of the community educators and leaders who founded the organization on August 9, 1939, the Society is comprised of individuals who, through their long association with Hopkins House, have distinguished themselves in service to children, youth, and their families.
In honor of the men and women who combined their time and talents in 1939 to create and sustain Hopkins House during a period when the need was greater than government resources could shoulder alone, members of The 1939 Society provide the dollars necessary to sustain and strengthen our 21st century programs for children, youth, and their families in Northern Virginia and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.
How does my membership in The 1939 Society benefit Hopkins House?
As a member of The 1939 Society, your support provides a steady stream of reliable income to Hopkins House that ensures the organization has the resources necessary to continue and expand its longstanding mission in service to children, youth, and their families.
How do I pay my membership dues to The 1939 Society?
Your membership dues in The 1939 Society are paid through automatic credit/debit card deductions. Hopkins House will make these deductions in the amount you specify ($19.39 or more monthly) for as long as you like. Your membership dues are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. 
How long am I a member of The 1939 Society?
Because your membership dues are automatically paid through regular charges to your credit/debit card, your membership in The 1939 Society remains active from month to month and year to year. You never have to worry about whether your membership is current and you won't receive renewal notices in the mail.  
How do I speak with someone if I have questions about my membership in The 1939 Society?
Telephone (571) 480-4086 Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.  A Society representative will be happy to assist you.
Do I receive any special benefits as a member of The 1939 Society?
In return for making this important investment in the education and development of this community's children, youth, and families, members of The 1939 Society receive these exclusive benefits:



Silver Level

$19.39 or More

MONTHLY Charge to Credit/Debit Card


Gold Level

$193.90 or More

QUARTERLY Charge to Credit/Debit Card

  (After your first monthly credit/debit card gift:

  • Membership Card, entitling you to special discounts at select restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.
  • Your name listed in the Hopkins House Annual Report.
  • Your name listed on The 1939 Society webpage.
  • Complimentary ticket for you and a guest to The 1939 Society Annual Luncheon.

All Silver Level benefits, plus:

  • Specially designed tote bag
  • Automatic designation as a voting member of the Hopkins House Community Stakeholders.
  • Complimentary ticket for you and a guest to the annual Community Stakeholder Luncheon.
  • Complimentary VIP tickets for you and a guest to Hopkins House special events (i.e. luncheons, galas, etc.).


  • Society members contributing $1,939 or more YEARLY will have their names permanently inscribed on a memorial plaque prominently displayed in the lobby of the Hopkins House Central Office. 

 Society Mission


The mission of The 1939 Society is to advance the important work begun in 1939 by the Hopkins House founders, through steady and reliable donor investment in the organization's highly effective and impactful educational programs and services for children, youth, and families.


Join Now

Become a member of The 1939 Society today by clicking on the button below. You will not only support an historic organization that has improved the lives of thousands of this community's children, youth, and families for over seven decades, but also joining a body of distinguished individuals leading the way to the future.



Society Members


- Gold Level -

Robert Bogan
(Ret.) Brigadier General & Mrs. Leo A. Brooks
Oscar P. Fitzgerald, IV
Thomas Fonseca
Robert D. Hicks
J. Glenn Hopkins
(Ret.) Ltc. Otis & Mrs. Shirley Langford
Gregory H. Leisch
Rodney M. Louis
Rudolph C. Tota, III
Jacqueline S. Walker
Amy Lui Witmer
Wayne Wright


- Silver Level -

Barbara Archer-Jones
Loretta Denise Bailey
Jimmi S. Barnwell
(Ret.) Col. Joseph & Mrs. Rebecca Briggs
Lynnwood G. Campbell Jr.
Isabel Crocker (in memory of Elizabeth Rose Jones)
Joyce G. Davis
Vance Davis
Leonard & Cynthia A. Glassman (in honor of Noah & Liliah Glassman)
Rev. Dr. Faye Gunn
Taina Hardy
Harry "Bud" Hart
Michelle Jackson
Thomas E. & Gail Jenkins
Clarence A. Johnson (in memory of Eleanor R. Johnson)
Bernice Lee
Bernard Mustafa
Elizabeth Partoyan
Lillian S. Patterson (in memory of Valeria Stanton Henderson)
The Honorable Redella Pepper
Eric C. Washington (in honor of Franklin Washington)
Billy & Dionne Williams
Rashad M. Young