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Developing the Next Generation of Education Leaders

April 8, 2014 09:05 PM
 Hopkins House President J. Glenn Hopkins is interviewed on BAM!Radio, an online radio station for educators, about cultivating the next generation of education leaders.  According to a recent study, most principals wouldn't recommend their job to others and a majority of teachers are not interested in becoming principals.  President Hopkins is joined by Bob Lenz, CEO and co-founder of Envision Education, a national leader in high school redesign, project- based learning, 21st century skills education, and performance assessment, and Jill Berkowicz Ed.D., who works with school district and building leaders facing the current challenges of evaluation for the improvement of teacher and leader performance as they lead systems in service to children, and interviewed by Holly Elissa, author and host of Heart to Heart Conversations on Leadership: Your Guide to Making a Difference.  The interview is available for listening by clicking radio.