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Computers for Success Loaner Program

June 30, 2015 04:45 PM
You might think everyone has a computer these days but the fact is there are some who do not.  This is true of a number of the students enrolled in Hopkins House's Early Childhood Learning Institute (ECLI). 
Through a partnership with Northern Virginia Community College, the ECLI offers college classes and counseling support to low-income teens and adults as they pursue a college degree and a career in the early care and education field. 
In order to write term papers and complete their other coursework, ECLI students, like any college student, need access to a computer and the internet. Through a generous grant from Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Alexandria, Hopkins House has purchased laptop computers that will be loaned to ECLI students while they are enrolled in the program.  This will enable the students to complete their studies in the safety and comfort of home.
"I would go to the library," explained an ECLI student, "but sometimes all the computers there were being used and sometimes I had to wait for hours.  Now I have my own computer and I can do my school work at home after my baby goes to sleep."