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Annual Report: 2023 Community Impact Report

As the outcomes in our 2023 Community Impact Report show, Hopkins House employed our collaborative and innovative approach during program year 2023 to affect an enduring, positive impact on the children, youth, and adults of this community. Our biggest challenge today and likely for some time to come, is successfully navigating through the social and economic uncertainty of this post-pandemic period.

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IRS Form 990: Fiscal 2023

Today, Hopkins House released its annual tax filing with the IRS. The filing -- required of all tax-exempt nonprofits -- contains details about the..
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Financial Audits: Fiscal 2023

Today, Hopkins House released its fiscal year 2023 annual financial completed by a Certified Public Accountant. The audit contains detailed information about the organization's..
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Hopkins House Parents and Educators Travel.

Today, Hopkins House Preschool Academy parents and educators traveled to Richmond, Virginia, to push for sustained and increased investment of state funds in affordable..
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