Employee Benefits


Employee_BenefitsHopkins House currently provides employees with a generous list of benefits, and adds to this list as the organization's resources grow and the needs of its employees evolve.  The current list of benefits include:

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Family Leave
  • College Education Benefit (CEB)
  • HMO Health Plan
  • COBRA Extended Health Plan Coverage
  • Childcare Tuition Discount

Some of the benefits listed above are limited to full-time, salaried employees.  Part-time and temporary employees are generally not eligible for employee benefits.  Employees must also have completed their employment probation period in order to access these benefits.

For more detailed information about the several employee benefits at Hopkins House, or if you have questions, telephone the HR Officer at (571) 480-4275 or click here: Personnel Policy Manual.


Full-time, salaried and hourly Hopkins House employees are eligible for the following benefits, which are fully paid by Hopkins House:
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) – Hopkins House full-time, salaried employees are eligible for up to 22 days of paid leave. (Policy #100.9)
  • Paid Holidays - Hopkins House full-time, salaried employees are eligible for 11 days of paid holidays. (Policy #100.15)
  • Family Leave - Hopkins House full-time, salaried employees are eligible to use PTO for paid leave during pregnancy or the pregnancy of a spouse or demestic partner. (Policy #100.13)
Paid leave requests are submitted through Hopkins House's electronic timesheet system. Click here for information about this system: TSheets.


The College Education Benefit (CEB) offers Hopkins House employees the opportunity to acquire college credits, leading to an Associates degree in early childhood education. Hopkins House employees can earn up 32 college credits in the early childhood education field plus professional certifications, at a cost of approximatey $150 per year.

To be eligible for the CEB, you must be:
  • Admitted to Northern Virginia Community College; and,
  • Enrolled in Hopkins House’s Early Childhood Learning Institute (ECLI).
You don't need your supervisor's approval to apply for or receive the CEB but you do need your supervisor's approval to take classes during the workday.

For additional information about the CEB and how to apply, visit the ECLI website.


Full-time, salaried Hopkins House employees are eligible for the following benefits, the cost of which is shared by Hopkins House and the employee:
  • HMO Health Plan – Hopkins House full-time, permanent employees are eligible to receive up to $300 monthly toward the premiums due under the organization’s employer sponsored health coverage plan, currently offered through AETNA/Innovation Health Plan. The employee is responsible for any premiums or costs that exceed this Hopkins House contribution. (Policy #100.8)
  • COBRA Extended Health Plan Coverage – Hopkins House employees who are covered under the organization’s employer sponsored health plan, and who voluntarily or involuntarily end their employment with Hopkins House, or have their work hours reduced, are eligible to continue their health coverage for up to 18 months beginning the day prior to the qualifying event.  The employee will no longer receive the Hopkins House contribution and is responsible for payment of the full premium plus a 2% service charge.  Employees have 60 days from the qualifying event to elect such coverage. (Policy #100.8)
Click here for privacy and other patient protection notices: Privacy
Click here for form to apply for health plan coverage: Health


Full-time, salaried employees, not receiving a Hopkins House scholarship, government child care subsidy, or other public tuition assistance, are eligible for a tuition discount for their children enrolled in the organization’s preschool academy:
  • 10% tuition discount upon employment of more than 90 consecutive days but less than 1 year (365 days).
  • 20% tuition discount upon employment of more than 1 year (365 consecutive days) but less than 2 years (730 days).
  • 50% tuition discount upon employment of 3 or more consecutive years.
This benefit may be withdrawn or suspended for nonpayment or late payment of tuition or change from full-time employment status. Benefit ends when employment is terminated from employment at Hopkins House. Eligibility for benefit is based on consecutive, uninterrupted employment. Employees are responsible for all related fees. Admission to the academy is based on space availability and enrollment policy. (Policy #100.8)
Click here to enroll your child in a Hopkins House preschool academy and apply for this tuition discount: Apply

Employment Type
Child Care
Tuiition Discount
 Full-time, Salaried  X  X  X  X
 Full-time, Hourly      X  X
 Part-time, Hourly    X