Employee Benefits


Employee_BenefitsHopkins House currently provides employees with a generous list of benefits, and adds to this list as the organization's resources grow and the needs of its employees evolve. 

For detailed information about current employee benefits, click on a link:



Some of the benefits listed above are limited to full-time, salaried employees. Part-time and temporary employees are generally not eligible for employee benefits. Employees must also have completed their employment probation period in order to access these benefits.

Employment Type Paid Leave Paid Holidays Performance Bonuses Paid Professional Development College Education Benefit Health & Dental Coverage Child Care Tuition Discount
Full-time, Hourly      YES  YES  YES  YES  YES
Part-time, Hourly      YES  YES  YES    


For more detailed information about the several employee benefits at Hopkins House, or if you have questions, telephone the HR Officer (571) 480-4275 or click here: Personnel Policy Manual.




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