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EmployeeHopkins House employs many full-time and part-time professionals who work as educators, administrators, and support staff.  We value these employees for the resources they bring to the institution and the commitment they demonstrate to our mission in service to children, youths, and families.

Hopkins House is a "learning community", not only for our students but also our employees.  The organization provides opportunities for our employees to earn professional certifications and a college degree, useful in advancing their career and earning higher pay.

Through honors and recognitions, Hopkins House rewards its employees for the value they bring to the institution and the impact they have on the outcomes of our students

This page provides information and resources useful for current employees of Hopkins House. 


Emergency Alert is a system used by Hopkins House to alert employees and others about weather conditions and other emergency situations that impact the operation of the organization, including emergency closings or openings due to storms.  

eHopkinsNews sends a text message to your smartphone or other device that accepts text messages.  Text messages will be sent to your personal or Hopkins House issued smartphone.  
cellphone<-- Click on the cellphone and enter your information on the form.  Please enter a cell- or smartphone number that accepts text messages and that you use regularly.  You may enter your personal cell- or smartphone number or the cellphone number of a Hopkins House mobile device, if you have been issed one.
This information is kept private and used for this exclusive purpose only.  Information provided here will not be shared or sold. 


TimesheetUsing your smartphone, tablet, or computer, Hopkins House employees are able to submit timesheets electronically through a system known as "TSheets". 

Employees may also submit requests for Paid Time Off (PTO), track PTO balances, review old timesheets, and write notes using this system. 

Upon hiring, you will be asked to provide an email address that the system can use to identify you.  After hiring, an email will be sent to you providing your login credentials and password, and other information about the electronic timesheet sytem. 

For more information about Hopkins House's electronic timesheet system, click the following links:

VMPViewMyPaycheck is an online portal that makes it easy for Hopkins House employees to view their own paycheck information, including pay stubs and W-2 tax forms, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, anytime and any place you have an internet connection. 
ViewMyPaycheck eliminates the need for you to contact the HR Office to request copies of lost or damaged pay stubs or W-2 tax forms. You need only sign in to your ViewMyPaycheck account and see any current or prior pay stubs. 
ViewMyPaycheck is free to use.  You are not required to sign up for this service, but if you wish to, you may do so after you receive your first paycheck from Hopkins House.  You will need your social security number and net pay from your most recent paycheck.  Click here:
  • To learn more about ViewMyPaycheck and how to sign up: Video
  • Follow these easy instructions to sign up now for ViewMyPaycheck:

1.  Go to ViewMyPaycheck by clicking here: Signup Now

2.   Click "Sign Up".

3.   Enter your email address. If you get a message that says you already have an Intuit account associated with this user ID then click the Sign In link and sign in to your existing Intuit account and skip to step 7.
4.   Create and confirm a password you’ll use when you sign in to ViewMyPaycheck.
5.   Pick a security question. You may need this later if you forget your user ID and password.
6.   Click "Sign Up".
7.   Enter your SSN and the net pay from your last paycheck. Your net pay is the amount of your paycheck after all of the taxes and other deductions have been taken out.
8.   Click "All Done!"
 You may also printout sign up instructions by clicking here: Printed Signup Instructions


For securitEmbroidery and easy identification, Hopkins House Preschool Academy educators are required to wear uniforms while they are on duty.  These uniforms, embroidered with the Hopkins House logo, may be purchased from Land's End by
<---- Clicking on the Preschool Academy Crest


Health_and_WellnessHopkins House supports the goal of its employees to remain healthy and well. As such, we offer and subsidize the cost of health and dental coverage for eligible employees that have completed their employment probationary period.
Hopkins House pays a portion of the insurance coverage premium, while employees are responsible for the balance. 
Family members are eligible for participation in this coverage.
To enroll or for additional information about this health and dental coverage, click on the links below.
          * Health Coverage Information
          * Dental Coverage Information

Background_CheckFederal and state law requires all individuals employed in childcare centers to periodically undergo federal and state criminal history background checks.  Employees are personally responsible for all fees associated with these background checks. You may apply for a background check online.

Click here for instructions on obtaining your federal and state background checks: Background.