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EmployeeHopkins House employees more than 60 full-time and part-time professionals, working as educators, administrators, and support staff.  We value our employees for the resources they bring to the institution and the commitment they demonstrate to our mission in service to children, youths, and families.

Hopkins House is a "learning community", not only for our students but also our employees.  The organization provides opportunities for our employees to earn professional certifications and a college degree, useful in advancing their career and earning higher pay.

Through honors and recognitions, Hopkins House rewards its employees for the value they bring to the institution and the impact they have on the outcomes of our students

This page provides information and resources useful for current employees of Hopkins House. 


Emergency Alert is a system used by Hopkins House to alert employees and others about weather conditions and other emergency situations that impact the operation of the organization, including emergency closings or openings due to storms.  eHopkinsNews sends a text message to your smartphone or other device that accepts text messages.  Text messages will be sent to your personal or Hopkins House issued smartphone.  
cellphone<-- Click on the cellphone and enter your information on the form.  Please enter a cell- or smartphone number that accepts text messages and that you use regularly.  You may enter your personal cell- or smartphone number or the cellphone number of a Hopkins House mobile device, if you have been issed one.
This information is kept private and used for this exclusive purpose only.  Information provided here will not be shared or sold. 



For security and easy identification, Hopkins House Preschool Academy educators are required to wear uniforms while they are on duty.  These uniforms, embroidered with the Hopkins House logo, may be purchased from Land's End by clicking on the Preschool Academy Crest --> Embroider


Background_CheckFederal and state law requires all individuals employed in childcare centers to periodically undergo federal and state criminal history background checks.  Employees are personally responsible for all fees associated with these background checks. You may apply for a background check online. Click here for instructions on obtaining your federal and state background checks: Background.


Under authority of Hopkins House Policy #100.32, the committee hears and advises the Vice President on the disposition of eligible employee disciplinary appeals.  Designated members are automatically on the committee by virtue of their title.  Appointed members are selected by the President to serve a term not to exceed one (consistent with the organization's fiscal year), and must be full-time, salaried employee.
Business of the committee may be conducted only when a quorum of at least four members is present, including the Chair and Vice Chair.  Advice shall be in writing to the Vice President by formal consent of a majority of those present and voting at a duly called meeting.  
Deliberations of the committee are strictly confidential.

Click here to file an appeal with the committee --> Appeal
2017/2018 Term Members
- Designated Members by Virtue of Title -
Carla Cermenati
Director, Early Childhood Learning Institute
Vice Chair
Joanna Collins
Human Resources Coordinator / Executive Assistant

- Appointed Members at the Pleasure of the President -

William Vanover
Teacher, McNeil Preschool Academy
  Maria Jose Gomes-Camhuto
Teacher, Helen Day Preschool Academy
     Melissa Avellant
Teacher, Innovative Preschool Academy
Elizabeth Montford
Assistant Teacher, Helen Day Preschool Academy
Ex Officio Advisor
Wayne Wright
Member, Budget & Personnel Policy Committee