Early Childhood Learning Institute

Website._Student_Page._advancementThe Early Childhood Learning Institute (ECLI) is a workforce development program that encourages and supports low- and middle-income teens and adults in their quest to earn professional credentials and college credits in Early Childhood Education, gain permanent employment in local childcare centers, and break the cycle of family poverty.  Held at centers throughout Northern Virginia, and in collaboration with Northern Virginia Community College, the ECLI holds Saturday morning college classes, Wednesday evening professional credential training courses, and daily counseling and wrap-around services. Child care is provided during these classes and counseling sessions to parents that need this service, along with text books, access to computers, and tutoring.  Through this program, students are able to earn as many as half the college credits needed for an Associate degree, along with professional certifications, and gain offers of permanent employment at higher than market wages at local child care centers.  Financial aid is available.  Watch this video to learn more:


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