By supporting Hopkins House you help to build the educational foundation for the future in the lives of children, youth, and adults. Your support of Hopkins House programs and services makes an impact for a lifetime.

Hopkins House is a charitable organization under section 501(c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Hopkins House are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law and always acknowledged in writing. For information about giving to or volunteering at Hopkins House, contact the President's office.

There are several convenient ways to donate:donate

  • By Credit Card
  • Call us at (703) 549-4232 x4086
  • By Check (Make payable to "Hopkins House")
  • Stock or Securities (Your stock broker can assist with this.)
  • Bequest (Your financial advisor or estate planner can assist with this.)
  • Make A Pledge (<- Click on link to open Pledge Form.  Fax completed form to 703-842-8356)


Children’s Scholarship Fund
This Fund provides financial assistance to low-resourced families with children to ensure that no child is unable to attend the Hopkins House Preschool Academy because his or her family cannot afford the tuition. Financial assistance is given on the basis of financial need. A committee of volunteers decides on recipients and determines the amount of each grant. View Video

ECLI College Fellowships Fund
This Fund provides teens enrolled in Hopkins House's Early Childhood Learning Institute (ECLI) with fellowship grants and paid summer internships at local childcare centers. In collaboration with Northern Virginia Community College, the ECLI assists low-resourced teens and adults earn college credits and a career in the early childhood education field. The program, which hosts classes off-campus in communities throughout Northern Virginia, covers the cost of books, childcare, and college counseling. Current financial aid enables students to pay for just half of the 67 college credits needed for an Associate degree. Fellowship grants from this Fund will provide the rest. In order to receive a fellowship, a student must be enrolled in the ECLI at the time of application, demonstrate aptitude and commitment to continuing their college education through graduation with a degree in Early Childhood Education, have compelling financial need, and having earned at least 25 college credits in the ECLI.  View Video

Elward J. Alexander III Memorial Gift Fund
This Fund provides a cash "gift" for the education of a child or teenager whose family has been victim to a violent crime. A committee of volunteers decides on recipients and determines the amount of each grant.

General Fund
This Fund assists Hopkins House to provide for the general cost of operating the organization, including but not limited to replacing worn or broken toys, furniture, and equipment, including computers, copiers, listening centers, recorders, and musical instruments; purchasing paper, crayons, arts and crafts supplies; and paying for utilities, repairs, maintenance and the salaries of the organization's staff.

Hopkins House Endowment Fund
This Endowment Fund provides a permanent source of funding for the operation of Hopkins House. The annual income from this endowment fund is used as a hedge against economic downturns and inflation, ensuring that Hopkins House will have the financial resources it needs to provide the highest quality of programs and services during times of particular and urgent need.

In addition to this website, donor information about Hopkins House can be obtained on the Internet at

Hopkins House's most recent tax filing is available by clicking here -> Form 990

Hopkins House's Gift Policies, including our Donor Privacy Policy, is available by clicking here -> Gift Policies Manual

Hopkins House most recent audited financial statements can be obtained by writing to:

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