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One "Employee of the Month" is selected every month during the school year (September - June). These non-management individuals, distinguished by their exemplary work performance, team spirit, volunteer service, and commitment to the mission of Hopkins House as a world-class learning community, are selected by the Trustees' Scholarships & Recognitions Committee. In addition to public recognition, the honorees are eligible to choose one reward from the following options:
  • One day of paid leave;
  • Free lunch for you and your classroom colleagues;
  • Gift Certificate ($50) to local store, gas station, car wash, or public transit;
  • NAEYC Regular Membership (Individual becomes eligible to attend NAEYC Conferences) 
  • Tickets (2) to movie, sports game, or theatre;
  • Classroom supplies (up to $50); or,
  • Limousine ride (1 day) to/from work.
 Marissa Lollie
McNeil Preschool Academy
 September For going beyond the call of duty: Ms. Lollie distributed student recruitment flyers in the community during her free time, created an infant activity display board for parents, and rearranged her work schedule to accommodate the needs of her colleagues.
McNeil Preschool Academy
 October  For exemplary work performance: In addition to managing her classroom, Ms. Intsiful sends emails and telephones parents to let them know how their child is doing on their first day of preschool.
Quinique Cabness
Assistant Teacher
Helen Day Preschool Academy
 November For exemplary performance: Creating a warm, child and parent friendly classroom, sharing the message and mission of Hopkins House with everyone she meets, engaging parents daily in how their children are developing, and training staff on how the room operates and how to effectively communicate with parents.
Tina Nesbitt
Center Coordinator
Early Childhood Learning Institute
 December For Exemplary Performance: Demonstrates a "whatever it takes" attitude and goes beyond the call of duty to recruit, retain, and counsel students; and, is well liked and well respected by her colleagues.   
Kiri C Robinson
Education Aide
Helen Day Preschool Academy
 January Commitment to the Mission of Hopkins House: Started as a volunteer through the City of Alexandria's VIEW program, is now completing her CDA, and rarely takes time off from work for other than emergencies.
Stephanie Brackett
Business Officer
Helen Day Preschool Academy
 February         For Exemplary Performance: Goes beyond her normal job duties, such as working extra hours to stay with children when parents are running late or coming in early when staffing is short.
Francine Andrews-Owens
Classroom Aide
Helen Day Preschool Academy
 March  For Self-Improvement: Despite considerable personal challenges, she is working to complete the requirements for the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification and plans to enter community college this fall to earn an Associate degree in the field.
These awards are determined through nomination and voting by staff and parents.  In additon to public recognition, the honorees of REACH Awards receive tropies and other prizes during the organization's annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon held in the summer (July/August). 
  Red Carpet Award - Given annually to an employee who best communicates directly to resolve conflicts; who raises issues confidentially within Hopkins House with staff and leadership team; and, strengths the organization by embracing diversity – making others feel welcome and contributing to an inclusive environment and values and encourages expression of difference. This individual supports Hopkins House mission, philosophies, goals and policies to families, co-workers and the community.
Kim_M._Blassingame 2013 Honoree: Kim Blassingame
Assistant Teacher, Helen Day Preschool Academy


  Excellence in Education Award - Given annually to an employee who, through their knowledge and understanding of early care and education, best delivers exceptional environments that fosters growth and learning; demonstrates a commitment to the field of early childhood education, listening to colleagues and participating wholeheartedly in center and school activities; and, has nurturing interactions with all and respond with flexibility by providing developmental expertise.

Carolyn_Lewis 2013 Honoree: Carolyn Lewis
Teacher, Helen Day Preschool Academy


  Above and Beyond Award - Given annually to an employee who best demonstrates an eagerness to learn and has a positive attitude; is proactive about improving systems and practices and readily contributes new ideas; is open-minded and take initiative; and, willingly asks questions and demonstrates flexibility. This individual contributes to the overall work environment by demonstrating a consistent, model work ethic. This individual brings their whole selves to work and integrate their work and personal live to achieve well-being.

Gregory_Bacourt 2013 Honoree: Gregory Bacourt
Assistant Director, ECLI
  Community Outreach Award - Given annually to an employee who best models a spirit of volunteerism and encourages others to raise the quality of life for children; demonstrates leadership and a commitment to serving families in need in the communities where we live and work; and, goes above and beyond when representing Hopkins House at their community outreach projects such as Venetian Masquerade Ball and Heart of the Community Service Project and assisting in Hopkins House fundraising efforts. 
Maribel_Meruvia 2013 Honoree: Maribel Meruvia
Center Coordinator, ECLI
  Hero Award - Given annually to employees who best demonstrate the mission of Hopkins House in supporting families and ensuring their satisfaction. They encourage family involvement, welcome new ideas, and build a community of caring; consistently meet the needs of families whom they serve, are open-minded, and build trusting relationships with families by respecting their values and differences; and, embody the family centered care by meeting families where they are- acknowledging and accepting their individual values and ideas while sharing their joys and challenges.
 Brenda_Dawkins 2013 Honoree: Brenda Dawkins
Instructional Assistant, McNeil Preschool Academy
Given annually by the Chairman of the Board to a manager (Executive staff excluded) who best demonstrates exemplary work performance, team spirit, volunteer service, and commitment to the mission of Hopkins House as a world-class learning community.  In addition to public recognition, the honoree receives a trophy and cash prize.
Shelley_Keith 2013 Honoree: Shelley Keith
Principal, Helen Day Preschool Academy
Given annually by the President to an employee who best exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism, and who demonstrates a strong commitment to the mission of Hopkins House. In addition to public recognition, the honoree may select one reward from the following:
  • Eligible to attend an out-of-state professional conference (airfare, hotel, plus registration); or,
  • 4-night caribbean vacation (airfare for 1 and accommodations for up to 4 guests).

Given annually to employees who have worked two or more years at Hopkins House.  In addition to public recognition, the honoree receives:
  • Certificate (for 2 or more years of service)
  • Wrist watch (for 5 or more years of service)
  • Cash Gift (for 10 or more years of service)


Emergency Alert is a system used by Hopkins House to alert employees and others about weather conditions and other emergency situations that impact the operation of the organization, including emergency closings or openings due to storms.  eHopkinsNews sends a text message to your smartphone or other device that accepts text messages.  Text messages will be sent to your personal or Hopkins House issued smartphone.  
cellphone<-- Click on the cellphone and enter your information on the form.  Please enter a cell- or smartphone number that accepts text messages and that you use regularly.  You may enter your personal cell- or smartphone number or the cellphone number of a Hopkins House mobile device, if you have been issed one.
This information is kept private and used for this exclusive purpose only.  Information provided here will not be shared or sold. 



For security and easy identification, Hopkins House Preschool Academy educators are required to wear uniforms while they are on duty.  These uniforms, embroidered with the Hopkins House logo, may be purchased from Land's End by clicking on the Preschool Academy Crest --> Embroider








Policy #100.32 ("Grievance Committee"), found in the Hopkins House Policy Book, establishes that employees are entitled to appeal disciplinary actions by their supervisor within five business days of the date the employee is advised of the disciplinary action. The individuals listed below have been appointed by the President to serve as members of the Employee Grievance Committee a term until June 30 of this year.  The Committee, which may conduct business only when a quorum (3 members) is present, including the Chair or Vice Chair, hears and advises the Assistant Vice President/Chief Financial Officer on eligible employee disciplinary appeals.  
1)      Chair: Alvin Butler, Assistant VP/CFO
2)      Vice Chair: Gregory Bacourt, ECLI Assistant Director
3)      Michelle Liberty (Teacher/Helen Day PSA)
4)      Carla Cermenati  (Teacher/McNeil PSA)
5)      Bianca Lucas (Assistant Teacher/McNeil PSA)
6)      Stefani Brackett (Business Officer/Helen Day PSA)

Employees are reminded to read policy #100.32 carefully and fully before submitting appeals to the Grievance Committee.  To submit an appeal to the Grievance Committee, click here.